Like the graffiti that keeps appearing on the lower walls, Hogan’s Keep has gone though a lot of changes over the years. It has been used as a test-bed for various Internet technologies, a place to share some amateur cartoon drawings, and a simple family site. At times, it has been used to share ideas and project notes.

Hogan’s Keep has died and come back to life several times over the years. In its current reincarnation, I have simplified the style and removed a lot of dead content.

Along the top, you will find a few navigation links. Some of these are still being cleaned up from the old site. I’ll list news bullets below with a bit more detail on the Projects page.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you for visiting!



  • News — 12/16/2014 - I’ve temporarily taken down the Citadel message board. Having changed ISPs, I don’t have a dedicated IP address for the home server right now. The site is hosted on a shared server, provided by BlueHost. As Citadel requires root-level access, it can’t be hosted on a shared server. I now have two copies of the… Read More
  • News 4/25/2012 - Basic housekeeping is done, still a lot of details to complete. Citadel is up and running, debating user validation. Updated Poker Solitaire to run on modern browsers, needs a complete code rewrite.… Read More
  • News 3/25/2012 - I resurrected the old site, the sequel. The plan is to use it as a playground. I’ll be posting more information as I get stuff setup. For now, I’m working on getting Citadel setup.… Read More
  • News 9/01/2008 - I resurrected the old site, after being dead for nine years. We’ll see what becomes of it.… Read More